United States Constitution centennial processional photograph, 1887

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September 15 1887
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Photograph depicts crowds in front of City Hall watching the civic and industrial processional display as part of the ceremonies for honoring the centennial of the United States Constitution.  The procession moved south on Broad Street to Moore Street then countermarched north on Broad Street to Dauphin Street.  The total distance of the processional display was nine miles.  
Original description of photograph from the History of the Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Constitution of the United States, Volume II, edited by Hampton L. Carson, reads, “Three floats under the auspices of the Philadelphia Saw and Planing Mill Association.  The first float, drawn by four horses represented an “old-fashioned carpenter-shop,” with two carpenter’s benches, and men at work making doors.  On another float, drawn by six horses, the “new mode of making doors and manufacture work” was demonstrated with the necessary machinery and men in attendance. The third exhibit, on a float drawn by four horses, consisted of a pyramid, on which finished work was adjusted.  This included doors, sash, window-frames, and wood mantels, finely finished in oak, white pine, ash, walnut, and other fancy hard and soft woods.”
South Penn Square , Philadelphia
Philadelphia Record photograph morgue
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