Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker diary, 1758-59

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1758 – 1761
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This online record only contains images of the cover and pages from the front of the diary listing the handicraft items Elizabeth Drinker made between 1758 and 1761.

The diaries of Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker highlight the life of a Quaker woman living in Philadelphia in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Between 1758 and 1807, Drinker fastidiously wrote in her journals, usually about her family and their health and well being. Occassionaly, she also detailed medical practices and her own moral standards. She discussed major events insofar as they affected her family, such as the Revolutionary War and the 1793 Yellow Fever outbreak. As a member of the famous merchant family, the Drinkers, she also came in contact with many other well-known families, including the Shippens, Whartons, and Rawles, and such encounters are often noted. The collection includes her original diaries, as well as typescripts of excerpts from them and photocopies of the diaries from the years 1797 to 1807.
Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker diaries
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Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker, 1734-1807 (creator)