A Monthly Monitor Briefly Showing When Our Works Ought to be Done in Gardens, Orchards, Vineyards, Fields, Meadows, and Woods, 1701

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This volume contains knowledge and information that Pastorius accumulated from various sources. It opens with a month-by-month review of which farm, garden, and household tasks should be done during each month of the year, with advice often given in rhyming couplets. The subjects in this section include astrology ("now the sun enters Aquarium, an aereal sign..."), food and health care ("The best physick now is a warm coat, a good fire, and a cup of malt beer"), caring for your lands ("Stop up your bees, only leave breathing vents"), and household and kitchen chores ("Dry flax get in for spinners to spin"). From here the book is divided into sections based on aspects of land, household, and health management: all aspects of fertilizing, growing, and harvesting from fields, orchards, and vineyards; making cider and wine; growing flowers; weather prognostication; beekeeping; and information about selling and buying your goods. Pastorius also includes an unusual list of first names of both men and women he knows, with the last names of individuals with the same first name listed beside those entries (some examples: "Dennis: Kunders. Rachford." "Gertrud: Rennberg.").
Francis Daniel Pastorius papers
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