James Gibson and John Fishbourne Mifflin [Leander and Lorenzo] diaries, 1786-1787

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Am .069
February – October, 1786
November 1786 – April 1787
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This bound volume contains two diaries. The first is James Gibson's diary, Feb.-Oct. 1786 [Leander], and the second is John Fishbourne Mifflin's diary, Nov. 1786-April 1787 [Lorenzo].  Gibson, a student at Princeton University, describes his college life.  Mifflin, a Philadelphia lawyer, describes his daily life and activities in detail in his diary.  These young men met at a lecture about electricity in 1785. They became friends and sent their journals to each other upon completion.

This digital record contains images that depict selected pages from both diaries. Currently only pages 212-215 from Gibson's diary, and pages 34-35, 50-51, and 78-80 from Mifflin's have been imaged.
Gibson and Mifflin diaries
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