Does it have a slight odor of Goebbels advertisement, Young & Rubicam, Inc

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Advertisement from Young & Rubicam, Inc. warning against the dangers of spreading rumors during World War II. The ad features a large skunk bearing Nazi Propagandist Joseph Goebbels face with a swastika shaved into its leg.  The copy indicates that the Nazi propagandists are working to "pit class against class, race against race in America".  Upon hearing a rumor, one must ask themselves:
1.  Does it hurt morale?
2.  Does it make you distrust your Government, business or labor? (Divide and Rule is Hitler's policy.)
3.  Does such a rumor tend to discredit our Allies?
4.  Who would benefit most by spreading this rumor--our enemies or the United States?
The illustration was signed by Arthur Szyk.
FOR 42 (Recto, bottom left)
Printed Matter
Width: 28 cm, Height: 35 cm (image)