Advertisement, American Cereal Company, Quaker Rice

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June 1906
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Advertisement for The American Cereal Company's Quaker Rice cereal featuring a Japanese woman flanked by two Japanese children, all wearing traditional kimonos.  The woman stands with her arms stretched out toward the children, and although she faces out to the viewer, she seems to be in a slight bow.  There are multiple unidentified undulating lines behind her that either emanate from or move into the children's bowls.  The copy indicates that the puffed rice kernel has "a delicacy of flavor and a dainty crispness".  The ad includes suggestions on how to prepare the cereal, and indicates that people can make "Quaker Rice Candy and Quaker Rice Brittle at home. 

14-9 (Recto, top right)
Printed Matter
Width: 28.5 cm, Height: 41.5 cm (image)